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Mtown Construction is your insurance repair claims specialist. We’ve developed close relationships with many insurance companies. This means faster turnaround on the repair of your home.

Insurance Claim:

Hail, wind, and storm damage are considered a loss on your homeowner’s insurance policy.  This type of  claim is considered “an Act of God” and does not count against you the way a negligent claim does for future rate increases.  Most insurance policies will pay the entire cost of the roof and/or interior, less your deductible.  Our involvement prevents you from receiving  a settlement that won’t entirely cover your roofing or interior costs, or even worse, getting denied.

Insurance Process:

  1. Our experienced adjuster will inspect your property for potential storm damage at no cost to you.
  2. If damage is found, you/homeowner will sit down with one of our claim specialists and discuss your specific insurance policy options, and then together contact your insurance company.
  3. Your insurance company will then set a date for their adjuster to come out and assess your property damages.
  4. Mtown Construction’s adjuster will then meet your insurance company’s adjuster at your property to be sure all damages are assessed, and that correct allowances are made to properly repair damages.
  5. Once all repairs are complete, Mtown Construction will collect your first insurance payment and then file for depreciation on any remaining money owed to you from your insurance company.
  6. Once the job is complete and paid in full, Mtown Construction will provide all warranty information and a final invoice to you, the homeowner.

Our Referral Program:

If you refer a friend or neighbor to our company
, and their roof gets replaced, you are
 entitled to a $200 bonus.